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Knowledgeable instructors can help boost your bottom line

Is your law firm in the process of an application upgrade or rollout? Does your in-house training staff need help developing documentation, quick reference cards or macro/template upgrades? Are you reaping all of your anticipated productivity benefits from your software investment?

Because most law firms do not install and use software applications right out of the box and there is a high degree of customizing for their environment, Synergetic has developed a specialized group to address the unique needs of legal clients. Our Legal Solutions Group provides pre-conversion consulting, needs assessment, training, and followup support to law firms and corporate legal departments.

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We can discuss best practices in the industry for your applications. And, once the desktop image has been finalized, Synergetic provides application and integration testing services to ensure the applications work properly for you.

We assign a Project Manager to work with your in-house training staff, and the Synergetic principal oversees every aspect of the project, from learning the client's environment and system to designing curriculum, scheduling, and managing instructors and training.

Our expert legal instructors average more than 12 years of training experience in the legal environment. Synergetic instructors know not only the applications, but also how they are used in actual practice. Rely on Synergetic to make a difference with your legal staff.


Next Day Support

Next-Day Support

The classroom experience whets your appetite to apply all the exciting features you've just learned. But sometimes, back at the office, you encounter unique issues.

To help with those next-day quandaries, Synergetic provides walk-around, desk-side floor support following training. This additional support allows your employees to have some one-on-one time with our trainers, and enables users to raise their specific software issues.

Macros and Templates

Macros and Templates

Today's applications contain powerful features and functionality — yet no single application ever seems to satisfy all of the demands of your day-to-day processes. Some solutions are readily available as plug-ins. Should you need further help with customization, our Macro and Template Services group can use your application's programming languages to customize and enhance it to meet your needs.

Synergetic will analyze your requirements, and recommend and develop macros and templates to address them. We will install and test the enhancements on a pilot set of workstations, make any needed adjustments, and then roll them out to your user community. As a final step, Synergetic will provide documentation and deliver training, as needed.

Project Management

Project Management

When a law firm is planning a large-scale project, the many factors and issues to be considered can be quite daunting. Synergetic's specialized Legal Solutions Group has developed a tried and true process that will help you.

We assign a senior project leader to collaborate with your firm's project team in defining the project's scope, budget and deliverables, and then work closely with your IT staff to address all needs and concerns through every project phase. That includes working with your IT staff/integrator on software customizations and option settings, developing an effective training plan and schedule, and managing all project needs.

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Services Offered:

  • Legal Specific Software Application Training
  • Documentation
  • Floor Support
  • Macro and Template Development
  • Project Management
  • Software Testing of Integrated and Custom Applications

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